The MOMS Club®  of Fairfield South, CT

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FAQs About Our Chapter

How many activities can I go to before joining?
You may attend two business meetings or one business meeting and one park date.
All other activities are reserved for members.

Can I bring a friend?

If your friend is interested in joining, absolutely. Your friend must also live in the chapter's boundaries.

Can I bring children to all activities?
Yes; the whole idea of MOMS Club is to enjoy activities with your children. 

Do you have to attend everything?
No; attend what you want to, what interests you, and what your schedule allows. Some weeks you may want to attend several events while others you might not attend any.

I would like to join, but I only have an infant. Should I wait to join until my baby is older?

No! The club's primary mission is to support you...the at-home mother. Feel free to bring your baby to any event, giving you the chance to meet and socialize with other mothers.

Can I continue to participate once my child(ren) are in school?
Absolutely. We encourage all of our members to remain active and new members to join our group after their children have reached school age. We organize at least 1-2 weekly events that will fit into a school-aged child's schedule.

I work part time, can I still be part of this group for stay at home moms?
Certainly. Many of our members work part time and still find time to be actively involved in the club.

Who arranges the activities?
The members of the club volunteer to host any activity they are interested in. Calendars are put together monthly.

How do I become a member?
Contact our Membership VP at [email protected]. Annual dues are $25.

How do I know which chapter I'd belong to?
If you live in Dwight, McKinley, Mill Hill or Sherman elementary school districts you should be a part of the South Chapter. Contact our Membership VP at  [email protected] to confirm.

What if I don't live in Fairfield CT South chapters boundaries? Can I still join?
Unfortunately, no; please contact the International MOMS Club for more information about clubs in your area or starting your own chapter. Fairfield is home to two other MOMS Club chapters: Fairfield North and Fairfield Central.